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September, 18, 2013. 15:07 PM
Advertisements: Conversations not Broadcast

In the olden times, the medium for advertising were limited. Advertisers used the same mediums in different forms & innovatively to catch more and more eyeballs every time. Hoarding ideas like the Amul girl , powerful characters like Lalita ji were created. They became national icons. People still search and watch these old ads online and feel nostalgic. Then came the ...

September, 4, 2013. 01:12 AM
Android hits 1billion users and the next version is called Kit Kat

Google has revealed the name of its latest Android mobile operating system and for some, it might sound a bit strange. The latest version of its Android 4.4. mobile operating system is called Kit Kat.

August, 27, 2013. 14:00 PM
Why Steve Ballmer Failed

On Friday, when Ballmer made public his plans to retire as Microsoft’s CEO, the firm’s stock had its best day in years, rising 9%. Though stockholders should hardly be considered techies, their response sends an obvious message: they didn’t like Steve Ballmer. And it didn't stop there, almost immediately after, internet erupted with angry messages and articles on blogs and over so ...

March, 18, 2013. 23:04 PM
What's That Something You Are Really Great At?
March, 3, 2013. 10:00 AM
Best B Schools for Marketing in India

Marketing (and Advertising) is one of the most sought after course these days. With Indian B-Schools maturing over years; along with super dynamic shifts happening in the world of Marketing - it is disappointing that no Indian B School is well equipped with what Industry needs. However, conventionally speaking, here are a few good B Schools (some of these are just so obviou ...

June, 1, 2012. 07:19 AM
Focus on Strengths; not weakness

We want our kids to be successful at everything they do. And if they're not good at something, we ask why they failed. We tell them to work harder at it. Understand what went wrong, focus, and fix it. Johnny comes home one day, looks down at his feet, and gives you his report card. Soon your smile disappears when you see the F in mathematics. You also see an A in English and two ...

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