Best B Schools for Marketing in India

Marketing (and Advertising) is one of the most sought after course these days. With Indian B-Schools maturing over years; along with super dynamic shifts happening in the world of Marketing – it is disappointing that no Indian B School is well equipped with what Industry needs. However, conventionally speaking, here are a few good B Schools (some of these are just so obvious, though not all) in India that can get you closer to the world or Marketing; excelling in the same is not taught in any.

Best B Schools for Marketing in India

1. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad / Mohali

Best B Schools in India for Marketing

A school that has managed to market itself really well, in India and abroad. Though, they do not offer specific specialization in Marketing, ISB’s students are offered best of Marketing and consulting profiles across the globe. According to placement statistics of 2012 at ISB, 23% of its students were offered marketing roles and 35% were offered consulting roles.

An institution is as good as its people, and a school is as good as its Gurus and Students. If you are a student of Indian School of Business, you are in best of company – make use of it.

Average International Salary – USD 130,135

Average Domestic Salary – INR 18,83,000    

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Best B Schools in India for Marketing2
IIM Bangalore

This institute is among the best marketing colleges of the country. The Indian Institutes of Management, Bangalore campus boasts of good academic minded students who not only produce good results but also a brilliant sense of corporate market. To pursue an established career in marketing, opt for this college with full faith.

Average Domestic Salary – INR 15,00,00

Average International Salary – INR 50,00,000    

3. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing3

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is a renowned institute that provides a high standard of academics and study materials. This institute is considered to be the top rated among Indian colleges catering marketing and advertising programs. If you want to pursue a career in marketing, IIM A is one awesome place to start.

Average Domestic Salary – INR 18,00,00

Average International Salary – INR 45,00,000    

4. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing4

The Faculty of Management Studies focuses on management more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory.

FMS is one of the best B Schools in the country for its Returns on Investment with recovery time of 3 months. Checkout this report by Business Today.

Average Salary – INR 16,50,000    

5. S. P Jain Institute of Management and Research

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing5

An alumni of SP Jain always walks with pride. SPJIMR has acquired the reputation of meeting societal needs of under-managed sectors by offering unique, purposeful and relevant programs. SPJIMR displays a differentiated approach across the entire academic flow of activities in higher management education. It is a good choice for Marketing professionals.

Average Domestic Salary – INR 15,00,000    

6. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing6

Another center of marketing and advertising school of Indian Institute of Management is in Calcutta. Alumni of IIM C are much enthusiastic and enterprising. A decent option to choose to kick start your career in Marketing & Sales. Have a constant touch with industry and whats new, as the course here keeps you too busy with academics.

Average Salary – INR 15,50,000    

7. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing7

With a brand new residential campus and world class infrastructure at the hill top in Lavale, Pune. SIBM provides a holistic environment for all around learning and development. SIBM prides itself on being a student-centric institute with best of teachers in Marketing domain from across industries.

More than just academics, Symbiosis promises over all development of its students much better than any of the colleges listed above. There is no formula for success, and SIBM helps you with understanding that.

Average Salary – INR 11,60,000    

8. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing8

JBIMS, being in financial heart of the country gets best of faculty and recruiters. Consistently ranked as one of the best B Schools in almost all rankings it participates ensures a secured career in almost any field and industry.

Average Domestic Salary – INR 14,90,000  

9. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing8

The Lucknow campus of Indian Institute of Management is a center of excellence not only in academics but also in executive activities. Want to study marketing course from this institute? Then this is your ultimate site.

Average Salary – INR 13,20,000

10. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad

Best Indian B Schools for Marketing10

The institute’s vision is to be the pre-eminent communications management school. Its foundation lies in being an innovative and creative school addressing the needs of an ever-changing marketing and communications environment. Getting into MICA, might be as tough as any other institute listed above.

Average Salary – INR 11,53,000

**Disclaimer – An MBA is not required to be a successful Marketer. Neither it is sufficient! Best Marketers of the world are irrespective of their degrees, and high academic credentials in any of these B Schools does not guarantee a successful career in Marketing 😛 .

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