BMW Great Marketing Campaigns

BMW has recently launched its campaign for the electric car BMW i3 and i8. The new campaign by BMW is called BMWi.

This video uploaded by BMWi on Jul 29, on YouTube already has more than a million views. Apart from the fascinating looks of the cars, the entire ad has a very unique tone to it. This is however nothing new to BMW. This is one company who has always been known for coming up with brilliant and innovative ad campaigns.

What is so unique about this company? What is it that today everybody aspires to own a BMW?

I thought I would dig a little deep into some of BMW’s campaigns and find out what is unique about each of them.

BMW Ad campaigns

BMW connectedrive

This concept being propagated by BMW integrates a smart phone with the BMW. This means all applications like Facebook, twitter is integrated to the car and the car reads out the notifications and also types into Facebook / twitter what you say back to the car while you are driving. As of now the car is only integrated with iPhone4 but very soon every smart phone can be integrated.

The Hire – BMW

The Hire, was a series of short movies featuring Hollywood celebrities and made by famous Hollywood directors, and of course the main theme of the films being to show off BMW cars. BMW found out that 85% of BMW purchasers used internet before purchasing. So they made these short movies and put them for public viewing online. Though most of advertising campaigns are generally used to promote a new car, this campaign’s main motive was pure branding. Clive Owen (of King Arthur and Inside man same) plays the lead in the films, where he is a driver a man who goes from place to place (in BMW’s of course), getting hired by various people for transport.

There were 5 such movies that were released in 2001 and another 3 in 2002. The five initial films cost an estimated $15 million, and the three made in 2002 cost about $10 million. BMW’s sales rose 17.2 % between 2001 and 2002, helping the automaker to outsell Mercedes and placing it second only to Lexus in the luxury-car market.

This is something very unique that BMW did. A pure branding exercise in which they did not promote any car model as such. But the car BMW always happened to be an important part of the movie. The movies were not at all subtle. Inside a larger plot the car was exhibited very prominently.

“Joy is” campaign. BMW

BMW attempted to stake a claim on the emotion “joy” that no other car company has pursued and also went with its “Sheer driving pleasure” tagline.

Joy is future proof.

Joy is BMW

BMW Joy building projection

This viral video attracted more than a million views within a week.

But there were some features which lacked in this otherwise great marketing strategy. Though they had a very successful viral video they did not use it to their potential. They did not have the video in their “Joy is BMW” website, so the only place people could comment on the video was in Youtube. There was no mention of the campaign in Twitter or Facebook (Facebook fanpage of BMW has more that 6 million fans). The domain “” was not bought by BMW. Even when someone typed joy in Google, BMW was no where to be seen.

One Origin. Two Originals.

The campaign started with a worldwide search for twins who are very different in character. The search itself got a lot of hype. There were a lot of speculations in forums on what BMW is actually upto. BMW got the necessary hype and attention they wanted before they actually released the ad very recently in July end 2011.

The BMW 1 Series ad reflecting the theme of the campaign.

BMW’s Viral best.

BMW S1000 RR.

This video now has over 4.5 million views, and it had more than a million within a week of it’s release.



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