I am loving it

Scene 1:

Mrs. Sharma, a housewife wants to celebrate her only child, Rahul’s birthday. Obviously the birthday party needs to be grand and flamboyant in a place suitable for every age and yet within budget.

Scene 2:

“Hey girls, looking so ravishing, where are you going to spark today” said Raman.

“Come on, don’t you know!!”

Scene 3:

“Gosh, I’m so damn hungry and have only 20 bucks”

“So what’s the big deal?”

A bright building, as you pull the door, a blow of chilled air strikes you on face, go to the counter , match your pocket with the menu and order what you relish. Take your seat, be comfortable. Lot of young crowd around you and here’s your order. Enjoy your morsel of burger with your family and friends and keep “lovin’ it”.

The above scenes and the description given have 1 name in common:

“Welcome to Mc Donald’s”

In a country, where a person pays extra bucks even to see an idol of god in temple more closely, Mc Donalds or Mc D as it’s usually called has changed many things. It’s a place where a driver and his boss, student and faculty, a boy and a girl stand in the same line, without any free hand, just for a grab of a burger.

Mc D has certainly changed many equations of family and friends outing. When I visited Mc Donalds for the first time, the experience was so refreshing. No waiter pushing me to vacate the table for another customer, a vibrant and appealing ambiance, I felt like spending another hour there. And so is the case with many people who are regulars like me. What’s really in this place which bewitched me? I decided then to get my doctorate in Mc Donalds.

This US based fast food giant entered India in 1992. Indian market wasn’t a piece of cake (a fact verified by almost all multinational companies).

Mc Donalds, after its research decided the pillars of its strategy: Limited Menu with mass appeal, Fresh Food, Fast service and the most important point Affordable price. It developed many ways to meet its strategy.

To provide a different taste, it trained the local farmers to produce

  • Potatoes of a special species (and that is the reason why one doesn’t get that crispy French fries at home using desi potatoes )
  • Iceberg lettuce from Ooty,
  • Mutton patties from Hyderabad and
  • Sesame seeds from UP.

So Mc D literally ploughed field of every state for my burger, but hello, what about the freshness! So it came up with these special types of trucks with refrigeration system for storing every kind of perishable stuff at different degrees of temperature, separately.

Hmm… something still missing!! What if I wanted to have some lunch and not just breakfast or snacks? Mc D came with combo meals at affordable rates. Also 50% of menu is vegetarian as per the varied Indian preferences. Rest of the menu is mostly chicken and a bit of fish off late (Contrary to pork/beef in U.S). We know the most favored offering in vegetarian menu is Cottage cheese (paneer) and so it offered a lot related to paneer and even has a new burger named after it.

Another interesting fact about Mc D is the way it moulds its menu and itself into the culture. One of the ad campaign given below is the example.

Also, the TV ad campaign puts beautifully its value propositions.

In its marketing also, to increase acceptability and connect with the Indian customers, Mc D came up with mostly Indian names for its offerings and hence the Maharaja Burger, Mc Aloo Tikki etc.

Also, it made sure that the names themselves indicated the unique offering or main ingredient in the dish. Maharaja indicated a grand large size burger while McAloo tikki n McChicken were a tell all in themselves.

One of the things that I and many of the young people will be very much interested in is the table manner and undue sophisticated formality that I would not have to follow at Mc D. We can dine, in a casual and relaxed manner, jump and shout on birthdays, enjoy and crack jokes for long.

Another interesting fact, families come to Mc D for are their kid-offerings. Kids are happier for the balloons and toys of their favorite cartoon characters they get with their meal pack.

Mc D certainly establishes the way a family restaurant should be. India has changed a lot since 1991 and one of the changes is the presence of Mc D itself. It can be gauged by its advertisements which change according to changes in Indian mentality.

So someday, if you are not in a mood to have Daal-Chawal-Sabzi (or “Lauki”), you want give treat to your friend, taking your girlfriend out (and not have enough bucks to hold her “farmaaish”), your children and whole bunch of relatives (especially “sasuraal wale”) eagerly waiting for your move to a nice dine out, Mc Donalds must be nearby to make you say “ I M loving it”.