Adding Content Marketing to Your Mix

Content is the soul of any advertising or marketing game plan. By content I not only mean relevant text, but also Infographics and Videos. Graphics and other aggrandizements do help to catch attention but it is the content that does all the talking. The right content can market your blog or product to target consumers. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of work goes into creating impactful content that can leave a mark on viewers. Thus, it is very important to have a strategy in place to churn out great pieces capable of holding audience attention. A few tactics, which can help in adding content to your marketing mix, are given below.

Cater to your audience

Isolate your target audience and understand them from A to Z. Content should be developed keeping your viewers in mind. Ensure that the content is written in everyday lingo that your audience uses. Also, hunt for typical keywords or catchphrases that your audience is familiar with.

Choose content writers carefully

People who create content for you are the backbone of your marketing strategy and hence should be hired vigilantly. Scrutinize the talent at hand and if needed hire more people on your content development team. You can also take help from external sources or recruit some freelancers. Make sure that each of your content creators has expertise on a different subject matter.

Training and development

Single out the skills and talent level of your content creators. Spot any need for training and do the needful to upgrade their skills. The content team should be enthusiastic about learning and focused on refining their skills further. Education and training seminars that enhance their knowledge are necessary. Implement best practices from within the team and even ones doing rounds in the industry.

Clear-cut communicate

Viewers should be able to relate to the content you are putting across. For this, it is very important to pay attention to how you are communicating with your audience. Firstly, the tone of your message should be in line with the image of the brand you are corresponding for. Some brands are traditional while others have a grim persona and there are also ones that are all about fun. Furthermore, the expression of any message depends on its purpose. Therefore, the tone of the message can be educative, informative, persuasive, or entertaining.

Content educate, entertain, inspire, trigger conversation, provide relevant information. Here is a funny infographic which will attract audience, clearly, just text would not have such effects.

Content in Marketing mix

Editorial strategy

An unbeatable editorial plan goes a long way. After developing a full-fledged editorial strategy, test and fine-tune it to the core, only then should you release it to the audience. Also, have the right promotion gimmicks in place to publicize your content. Test the waters and do something innovative to attract attention of your audience. Trends change with time, so make sure that you have adapted your content also accordingly. Evaluating and making changes to your content is an ongoing process.

Content speaks directly to consumers and is a vital ingredient of any marketing mix. Substance segregates the winners from copies that fizzle out. To create good content, intensive planning and right execution are very important. Do not forget to educate audience about subscribing to your content feed.

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