CRM for nonprofits / NGOs

If you believe that only highly profitable companies use CRM to manage clients, vendors and sales; give it a thought once again. Just like in sales, its easy to receive donations from the same donor, rather than searching for new ones.  Hence, its important to maintain relations.

I have figured out few CRM vendors for non-profits and NGOs assuming

  • Low upfront implementation costs.
  • A complete Customizing solution in 5-12 months.
  • Multinational Operations.
  • Considering Functionalities like  Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer Service, E-commerce Model, Email Marketing, Retail Solutions, Sales force automation, Commission management, Project management, Surveys etc.
  • 100-500 employees.
  • 25-50 users.

CRM for NGOs and Non Profit Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Whether it’s monthly using CRM Online or hosted on-premise a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution can be dramatically less than similar solutions.  And if your association is a 501c3 you may qualify for Microsoft’s charity pricing. Plus the architecture allows you to make changes and create new features on your own at no charge.

10 reasons why non-profits should shift to Microsoft Dynamics.


Customer Suite is an integrated CRM solution focused on customer service throughout the customer life cycle. As a modular system, TechExcel can be deployed in its entirety or by model. Its features include process automation, knowledgebase management, workflow, and customer self-service.

SugarCRM Suite

Sugar CRM comes in two commercial versions: Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise.

Sugar Professional is a CRM tool for organizations of all sizes, with functionality covering sales, marketing, and customer support. Also included is the core Sugar platform, which includes the customization tools Sugar Studio and Module Builder (for building custom applications on the Sugar platform), as well as a reporting engine and workflow tools.

Sugar Enterprise delivers CRM functionality aimed at large companies needing a tool to manage all interactions across the customer life cycle. The application includes additionalfunctionality, including reporting tools such as structured query language (SQL) reporting, as well as a customer self-service (CSS) portal. Sugar Enterprise also supports MySQL and Oracle databases.


The EBSuite CRM web-based solution uses J2EE and Web Services technologies, and includes sales force automation (SFA), customer support and help desk, marketing automation and online/offline campaign management, project management, and mobile CRM modules.

Surado CRM

Surado CRM is a sensible best-of-breed solution that achieves fast user acceptance, quick return on investment, and high-value customer experiences that drive company growth. Created specifically to meet the expanding and changing needs of growing companies and divisions of large organizations, Surado CRM provides flexibility, scalability, robustness, and an open architecture. Its a powerful and comprehensive software suite enabling seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, and support—right out of the box.


NonProfitEasy was born out of a need to help nonprofit organizations streamline the management of their businesses.

Through direct involvement in our community we discovered nonprofits were spending too much time and money managing data. We went to work collaborating with local nonprofit organizations to design a cost-effective CRM answer to juggling databases, running cumbersome reports, and troubleshooting technology issues. Our goal: Help nonprofits focus on their mission, not on technology challenges.


An innovative company within the budget of every Organization, highly customizable, great user interface.

On the open source side, there are a number options: you can choose an open source CRM package (designed for business), like CiviCRM, or choose the desktop-based nonprofit CRM called MPX (built by a company called Orange Leap.) I’m excited about a new Drupal project called “Red Hen CRM” but it’s very fledgeling.

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