CRM Gamification

More than often I talk to friends who are working as sales managers and sales reps who were with me during my B School days. Listening to them comes as a real feedback from those who are using CRM hands on and triggers a thought process of simplifying the same, rather than just implementing one. Marketers often have a complain against sales reps that they do not update information in organization CRM without which major decisions are at stake. Analysing data, usually updated by sales reps, is of high importance for obvious reasons.

Organizations having CRM often face this problem where Sales Reps are not motivated enough to get on to their desktops to update relevant information while their actual work is in the field. Why would they?; most of them feel its just waste of time; in fact, anything that doesn’t get them instant figures of sales is a futile exercise for them.

Hence remains a gap, where technology takes over to solve the problem.

As a solution to this, most companies have implemented CRM on mobile devices. This is more than just a CRM in pocket; the mobile technology has taken it leaps and bounds ahead of traditional CRM which now integrates with Google Maps (To locate clients and leads), Gmail and other email providers (to stay up to date with client messages), internal social media of organizations and lot more. All this, makes the task easy, however not interesting.

Think of a game, linked to CRM. Sounds wierd!

Think of a game where all Sales Reps of an organization are competing against each other. The moment a Sales guy uploads information about a new lead in his territory, he gets 10 points and moves up to 3rd rank and unlocks a ‘Super Salesman’ badge! Another sales guy, who just won a $100,000 deal uploads the same via his hand held device and gets 50 points and completes his targets for the month. All this – viewed by everyone (or Salesmen of that territory) in the organization.

Just like when you checkin on foursquare, you move up the ladder with some points and can analyse your position amongst friends, the same way gamification can motivate sales guys to keep it going. Not only limited to this, Gamification would increase engagement among employees, motivate them, will keep them on their toes. Gamification is more about Pschology, technology follows.

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Another one just updated the existing Account information by adding Contact’s photograph!

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