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An excerpt from my last article about CRM: The very basics of CRM

… Think of this as a way of doing your business and not only a software tool that helps maximize sales. Happy customers provide healthy business and hence manage relations and not only sales; with centralized view of information…

Checkout full article here published on where we learned about what is CRM! Here we will see whether you need a CRM for your business? The idea is to realize whether managing Customers’ information can help building better relations!

David sells pizzas

Scene 1

Phone rings…

Customer: Hi, I want to order a Pizza.

David: We serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian!

Customer: I prefer non vegetarian.

David: Sir, we have Chicken Spicy, Double Cheese Chicken, Chicken Mexicana, Italiano, Spicy Lamb, Chicken Hawaiian. Which one would you like to have?

Customer: I would rather prefer pork toppings.

David: Sure Sir, would you like personal pan, medium or family size base?

Customer: Medium. And don’t forget to add chili tomato ketchup, I always remind you but you guys forget it every time. Also, a liter of Coke along. How much?

David: Its $X. Please help me with your address and contact number.

Customer: yes, it is 123, xyz street, county abc. Near city Hospital.

David: Thanks, will be there in 30 mins.

Let’s see how CRM helps David!

Scene 2…

Phone rings (Name pops up on the screen with the first ring)

David: Good evening Mr Fernandes. What would you like to order today?

Customer: What’s best in the house for the day?

(Looking at previous orders)

David: Sir, soothing your taste we have new pork pizza recipe with thin wheat crust. This will taste great with your favorite chili tomato ketchup.

Customer: That sounds good. Do send a personal pan chicken Mexicana for my daughter which should not be spicy. I hope you remember about my coke too.

(confirming the address from the CRM screen)

David: Definitely Mr Fernandes. Let me confirm your address. Is it 123, xyz street, county abc. Near city Hospital?

Customer: Perfect!

(CRM can connect to your bank account to make the payment process easier, convenient and faster)

David: Would you like to pay by credit card while we are on phone? This will get you 10% discount.

Customer: I would prefer cash on delivery.

David: No problem Sir, Would you like to receive promotional offers, discounts and contests information from us via email? This can help you get best of deals as and when we launch any.

Customer: Yes, Please go ahead; send me the details but not more than once a week. Its [email protected].

David: I’ll keep that in mind Sir. Thanks for placing your order with us. Your food is on the way.


Hope this simplifies the meaning of Customer Relationship Management [CRM] for laymen! Your thoughts are welcome.

Do you need a CRM?

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