Amrutanjan Social Media Strategy
Not so old Twitter account Amrutanjan Relief (@WuhooRelief) is now ensuring to provide Relief and homemade remedy solutions to people suffering from Cough, Cold or Sore Throat. I am glad to see a brand using twitter for what it should be used for; engagement. I came across this interaction.
Amrutanjan on Twitter

In so less time they have developed substantial followers, made number of tweets and have had meaningful interactions with people on twitter. Most importantly they have build a great fan following for them.

Rather than just posting links and RTs, Amrutanjan brand behaves more like a friend who cares about your health and asks, “How are you feeling?”. Strangely, isn’t selling its products in every tweet unlike other brands but spending time and effort in enquiring about good health of people.

Here are some interaction screen shots of Amrutanjan, hope you will enjoy reading them! 🙂

People like to have pleasant conversations



Empathising, like a friend does, and suggesting remedies



Following up and caring for people



Not only on Twitter, they have been interacting, taking feedback, replying and having fun selling more Amrutanjan products via facebook too
So what did you learn from this Social Media Strategy of Amrutanjan?

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