Be a responsible net-izen

There is a very popular Indian saying which goes — an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

I believe this rings true for all the morons who decided to get together and swoop down on the , the moment it was announced. It will be very difficult to place your thumb on the real problem. What is it that actually bothered them? Is it that she belongs to the body of achievers? Is it that she is going to fulfil her dreams with the prize money? Or something as mere as, that she was very, very attractive.

Apparently, the real problem lied in the color of her skin. The reason behind the backlash was that she wasn’t American enough. The reaction was prompt and strong. The “know-it-all” group was very quick with tagging her as Miss Al-Qaeda. In my personal opinion – if they would have spent more time sharpening their common sense and maybe in the geography class (she was tagged an Arab as well!), the great Americans, would probably have saved some face.

Think before you tweetBut that is the thing with personal opinions. You can speak your heart out, and with the advent of Social media, the world is your audience. What we forget, or maybe ignore is the responsibility that comes with it. Your social media log-in is a lot like your voter card. The idea is to exercise your right – which in this case will include – opening the world to your relationship status, your latest trek, review of the latest flick that you caught, who you think should be the next PM and the list is never ending, but responsibly. As Spiderman said, “With great power, come great responsibility”, so it’s up to us to decide what should be put out there for the society to see, read and feel. What we write, what we share, not only reflects our personality, but is a signboard for the world to see. If we choose to spread hostility and resentment, then we have to be careful about the consequences. I don’t mean the conclusion, where your twitter account will be shutdown because you are some hatred spreading psycho. You can always get a new one and start spreading the antagonism again. But cyber police will track you down and consequences can be worse than you could imagine.

Conclusion is the line between being spiteful and assertive is a thin one. Maybe it’s time to awaken those spidey senses to be sure that you are on the right side.

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