How to generate a QR code?

Looking to generate your own QR (Quick Response) Code?

Here is a quick guide to generating one that will connect your customers via hyper link in an offline world. You can place a QR code at back of your Business Card, along your resume or display it on a bill board on a busy street. It works everywhere!

Though there are plenty of websites that can get you a QR code of a size you want, I have figured out quite a easy-to-use website that needs no rocket science, but will only convert your http links to a QR code. The one who scans it will be taken to various links which you want your scanner to see.

Steps to generate a QR code

Step 1


Step 2

Click on Signup

Step 3

Type in your company name if using for a business purpose else write your own name. An email address and a password of your choice.

Step 4

Depending upon whether you want to create a QR code for your business or for your personal use, you may choose appropriate options. To create a custom code, charges you some dollars.

Step 5

Add the links from your business URLs like the website, facebook fan page address, twitter handle, youtube video channel, Google places and all the things you want to display on scanning the code.

Step 6

Click Generate! And wait for a second or two to get the QR code on your screen.

Once the QR code is generated, you can download it and post it on your fanpage, paste it on the website or place it anywhere you want to.

The same tool will also help you with the analytics. You can check the number of scans made on your code along with a few details of who scanned it.

Once someone scans it from a QR enabled phone device, he/she will get all the links mentioned by you. He may choose to click any. For your facebook fan page – one can ‘like’ it directly from the first view. Also, one can follow your twitter handle directly.

Isn’t it a great technology and an easy one? What are you waiting for, generate your code today! For any other help, suggestion and other QR generating websites/tools; you may post comments underneath.

Generate a QR code

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