Marketing via Social Media

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic, attention & sales through social media sites.

Marketers are interested in human behavior and try to understand why we live our lives the way we do. With easy access to internet, everybody is connected to social media and marketers find it as the best platform to connect to consumers and try and understand their perspectives rather than implementing their own.

There are a lot of ways to connect to the target audience but social media has a upper hand, it helps in connecting the marketer with the correct audience, talk to them as friends, post videos that explain them the benefits of the product and try to win over the customers so that they are convinced to give it a try.

With more and more number of people getting connected through facebook and twitter, below are few ways to market your product through Social Media


Twitter’s user base is growing day by day. If you are seeking for the target audience, twitter could be a powerful platform to market your product. Search for the hash tags that will help you find the target audience, interact with them like friends and help them provide a solution through your product. Amrutanjan Relief(@WuhooRelief)  has opted for social media strategy and is helping the people by providing remedy solutions to people suffering from Cold and Cough. It listens for their problems, provides them remedies and thus reaches its target audience easily.

To further automate the process on Twitter, it has come up with Formstack Twitter integration that automatically posts a tweet from company’s twitter account every time the customer purchases on of your product.

Create hash tags that people can connect to and engage them in the conversation by listening more and giving them relevant information that they want. Tweet about topics that has a message, that people could relate to and would like to tweet about it, spreading it to their followers as well. @thankyoumom by P&G is one good example of engaging the viewers; they talk to mum as well as about mum and asking them to share their experiences and listening to them as a friend.  Social Media Marketing


By creating a profile on Facebook for your company, you establish your identity on biggest social media platform. You can promote your page by adding “Find us on Facebook” button on your website and email communication so that people know that you are there.

Pictures are always more eye catching than long text messages, so share more pictures about your products with brief information that they would love to know. Spread messages not about the product but what benefits the product brings to you. Colgate – spreading smile is a good example of social media marketing, it posts pictures with Instant smile tips to keep your smile healthy and wide.

Using the simple tag option on Facebook pictures can also help reach a larger audience and engage them to your product. Ikea’s facebook showroom is a good example for this. With a very little budget, ad agency created a facebook account for store manager and uploaded 12 pictures of the store’s showroom. They ran a contest in which facebook users could win the products by being the first person to tag their name on it. This helped them by exposing the campaign to thousands of other people walls and timelines. Though it is against the facebook policies and it was soon removed from Facebook but nonetheless it served its purpose in the short span for which it was on the wall.


Most of the people are active on Facebook outside the business hours, trying posting the content and get connected to larger audience. Another way is to involve your fans in your product decisions, so as to make them feel connected and as a part of your brand. Below is the example of a candle making company which actually asked its followers which scent they would prefer, people actually replied and at the end of the day they posted the picture of the candles they finally made after receiving the suggestions from their followers.

To make long story short, stay active on your page, change your cover picture often, and listen to what the customers have to say and provide relevant information wherever required.

You Tube

You tube is not only for music or funny cat videos; you can use Youtube to advertise your product as well. For example you are manufacturer of fitted kitchen equipments, make a video explaining how fitted kitchens can be beneficial, smart to use and easy to fit. Add keywords to the videos so that if somebody searches for fitted kitchens the videos show up and the end has a link to your website. This will lead to some new customers. You can also add the link to your products on your website to give a better view of what your product is and how it can be useful to the customer.


Pinterest is a powerful tool to advertise your product. You just need to click a picture of a model using the product, upload it on Pinterest and pin it with your website or your product. Every time a person clicks on the photograph; it lands him on your website. Hence, it will help you in converting some prospects into Leads. Myntra has been exploring this platform well, they upload the pictures with a brief description and link to lead to their site, thus exploring social media strategy to advertise their products.

Apart from the above mentioned platforms, there are some other ways to connect to people like yahoo answers, blogs, Social Bookmarking.etc. Just keep exploring the ways, you will not find a better way to connect to audience than Social Media.

Deepika Gulati is a System Engineer at Infosys Ltd. She is a budding blogger who loves to put her thoughts in words.