Social Media Marketing | Beyond Facebook & Twitter

Facebook is the biggest platform in social media and networking. Facebook is currently connecting 1.06 billion monthly active users and more than 4 million businesses are having their page on Facebook. But hold on, there is something Facebook VP has to say:

“The free Ride for brands on facebook is over”

Facebook is in process of modifying its algorithm, it has restricted the scope of reaching its fans; now only 16% of the people who are most active on your page will be able to see your posts without promotion in their feeds.

As Advertisement is the hottest mode of revenue for Facebook, they have decided to sell ads. The amount you pay to promote your page is directly proportional to the number of potential users your content will exposed too.

With the rise of Promoted posts and Facebook ads, small brands do not have enough budgets for online marketing and are looking for other platforms to connect to their audience. Let’s discuss about the other social media platforms that might be help to boost your brand without Facebook.

Google + 

Google + is the company’s fourth fray into social networking site following Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut. Google + is gaining popularity and it has become the second biggest social networking platform after it beat Twitter in January 2013. Google + provides features of both Facebook and twitter. Google + pages allow organisations and businesses to create pages, share content and market brands. You can optimize the audience by choosing the circle you would want to share your content with. Google hangout is another great feature and basically an updated version of old chat room. You can see each other,talk, chat, share content and virtually hang out with

Google social sign on has also increased the number of active users on Google+. All in all, these social media platforms are a potentially effective and much cost efficient way to get real-time information that can help you build or increase your brand’s presence and success.  If you still scared of using Google +, here is a good article – Why you should give Google Plus a try.

Slide Share

Slide Share is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. It was originally set up for businesses to be able to share slides among employees, but soon it became deck of large number slides, PDFs, videos, webinars for both business as well as entertainment purposes. It is a high traffic website with 60 million users visiting this site every month, and since it’s a platform that’s more for business you can easily find content that you can relate to your brand. You can share the digital content related to your brand, be it slides, pdfs or audio and videos giving the information that you want to reach to your customers. When a slide share member is logged in and views your content, a form will automatically pop up asking their perspective and if they would like to stay in contact by subscribing their email Ids.  Thus, you can always have some of the leads directed to your business via Slide Share. You can find more information fot marketing via Slide Share in an interview with Todd Wheatland by Michael.


pinterestPinterest is the fastest social media platform to reach 17 million unique users in February 2012. It is a big platform and a social network that ecommerce entrepreneurs must consider. It is photo sharing website that allows the users to pin their pictures on their pinboards, share it with friends and re-pin their images on your pin board. Pinterest has come up with the idea of creating business pages aimed at promoting their business online. Businesses can actually create a virtual store by pinning the pictures of their products. E-commerce sites like Myntra are actually exploring this platform well.


Tumblr is a micro blogging and social networking platform. It allows users to post multi-media content to a short form blog. You can follow other users’s blogs, as well share your blogs with your friends. As of April 2013, Tumblr has 102 million blogs. Tumblr provides you the ability to share a range of content types- videos, images, audios .etc. It provides wide range of useful features for online marketers, like use of custom domain names and ability to track traffic data with programs like Google analytics. Here are 5 brands using Tumblr Effectively.

There are other platforms like Linkedin, Bebo, Habbo, Tagged, Weibo that are gaining their popularity. However just a presence isn’t enough; sincere efforts on one platform can fetch you great results.

I tried to cover the hot buzzing social networking sites, if I have missed any information or any other social network sites, let me know in comments section.

Deepika Gulati is a System Engineer at Infosys Ltd. She is a budding blogger who loves to put her thoughts in words.