Sunday Marketing Talk #2

Welcome to Sunday Marketing Talk #2. Hope you enjoyed last Sunday’s video where John Moore talked about ‘Creating Buzzworthy Companies.

Lets quickly jump to 2nd talk of the series. In this 40 min video we have John Jantsch discussing creating a business culture that earns referrals. He intervewed more than 100s of those most referred businesses and authored a book “The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business To Market Itself”. He shares his experiences in this talk.

John Jantsh is a Small Business Expert, you can learn more about him at

According to John, most companies use technology to automate processes which intends to create less touch points between the company and customers; however, what awesome companies do, is use technology just to do the opposite. Meeting customers, on social platforms or face to face and that makes best of relations.

More than anything else, having social feeds of your customers, potential customers are a great source of information that a sales person has before having a sales call. At the same time, chasing customers on twitter may sound creepy!

Well, lets have John Jantsch talk now! (Don’t forget to full-screen the video with audio plugged into your ears)

Hope you enjoyed it. Make your comments in the section below!

He has authored Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide and “The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business To Market Itself”. You can click on the links and it will take you to their respective flipkart pages.

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