Trade in CyberSpace

“The world was born scattered, but has got tied with servers”

It has been just five decades since the inception of the concept of World Wide Web in 1950s, and today this new dimension of the world is teeming with nearly 0.2 billion of websites around the globe. The entire biosphere has of late, shrunk into this new ‘cyber-sphere’. Since a large chunk of human race has already become ‘netizens’, the internet has begun propelling the business ventures in the world to embark on the next stage to achieve never thought before milestones in this new realm.

commerce cycle

Take the case of The largest Indian online fashion store has given a death blow to the ridiculous practice of snuggling into overcrowded garment stores and malls, thus saving precious time of customers and investment to be made by the retailers. The prevalent practice of walk-in interviews is slowly but steadily giving way to the online hiring process, courtesy the legendary portal of by Mr. Sanjeev Bhikchandani, thus helping the managers to transcend the barriers of states and nation for finding the best asset in the world. Even the meetings in various companies are now being arranged on Skype, helping them to forge new deals. Furthermore, there has been an escalation in the number of people working online from home, thus earning a livelihood and sometimes also managing small ventures on the web. Hence, unemployment is now a topic of the bygone era. I have seen some of my friends, still in their teens, yet earning a handsome amount by selling their Android and iOS apps in the app market, thus running their own micro business as e-preneurs. It has become quite easy for any company to sell its products in a country where it doesn’t have a permanent base. Advertisements, online shopping and online payment facilities like PayPal help the companies to target virtual markets abroad.

All this has paved the way for the era of ‘cyber-imperialism’. Can you name any bookstore, which has not been on the web, more successful worldwide than Amazon? Moreover, the opening of the floodgates of this cyber-world has dealt a severe death blow to the field of offline information access, with Google and Wikipedia, have driven the last nail in the coffin of encyclopedia hardcopies business!

Gone are the days when airline booking was mostly done in the airports. The business of online booking along with online holiday planners, like Expedia, etc., to the providers of free online courses, the online industry is pulsating with a myriad of startups minting loads of profits.

With the rise of a new civilization of ‘netizens’, the web is definitely set to give way to mushrooming opportunities to the business world.

Arjit is an engineering student from UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is fond of creative writing and also hold the post of the Chief Editor in; a startup venture by the students of UIET.