Intuition vs Analysis

You’ve got a really good idea. An idea of a business that you firmly believe can make you rich & successful.

You share it with your colleagues to get that validation and a few nods that’ll make you feel more confident. They analyze it. They tell you it’s not going to work!

Do you go with your intuition? Is your gut reaction to be trusted? After all, you’ve been right before. After all, you’ve been wrong before.

The analysis based on past events & based on similar business done by others, certainly show it’s not going to work. You as well know, Steves and Fords of the world never analysed before they decided what they wanted to do. So would you just go ahead?

And someone also told you – unsound things become hits. Sound ones never do.

The challenge is not to somehow convince your friends who search for soundness & change their minds. The challenge is to do enough of a gut check & analyse to decide whether you should defend your instincts. No? Or is it not that way at all?

Make your case in the comments section.

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