How to land that Marketing job

Many thanks to Danny Wong for writing this Guest post for readers of Marketinomics and budding marketers. Danny Wong is the Marketing Manager for Blank Label Group, managing all campaigns for Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom. Danny also blogs about marketing, tech and entrepreneurship at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.

How to get that marketing job you desire

Jumping into the world of marketing isn’t as easy as having a good degree these days, what with self-taught marketers and those who’ve practiced marketing without ever having picked up a textbook about marketing.

After working with different companies supporting their marketing efforts and even hiring a few marketing managers, I’ve gathered some tips for increasing your candidacy for those interesting in landing jobs in marketing:

1. Understand the New Rules of Marketing

Marketing has become more of an art rather than a battle for which company has the bigger marketing budget. The future of marketing is changing, what with Social Media, Viral Marketing, SEO, and Digital Media changing the way consumers connect with, learn about, and interact with brands. By reading blogs like HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog, Brian Solis’ blog on media and influence, and SEOMoz’s blog on what’s new in search, you can quickly learn about how marketing has changed for less outbound tactics and more inbound and engagement tactics.

Side note: While this might not be for beginners, on March 29th, at 1pm EST, there will be a virtual conference held called the Future of Marketing – 60 minutes with 60 of the most influential people in marketing today – which will be an exciting event for anyone interested in marketing.

2. Writing a Worthy Blog

I cannot stress this enough, but if you’re not a blogger or don’t have some sort of writing portfolio on your marketing thoughts, you are in trouble. Individuals that can offer some value to the world in the form of their thoughts are individuals that can be a worthy asset for any company. Authoring your own blog or contributing to other blogs is important because you can showcase your writing skills which will be valuable for content marketing. You also showcase some of your most interesting thoughts on the marketing industry, letting recruiters know that you actually know a thing or two about marketing in this day and age.

3. Being Able to Create Actionable Marketing Plans

While you may never have actually practiced real marketing, you can’t simply tell someone in a job interview that you would “execute new marketing strategies like Social Media, SEO, and PR.” Hiring managers know better than that and are looking for people with actionable plans, and whether or not you fail the first few times isn’t important, but how you plan to rectify those situations, so you want to be able to say things like “Let’s start by allocating $2,000 to test Google Adwords campaigns, and I’ll do the keyword research to see which keywords we should target and test, which we will manage for 4 weeks, and review every few days to ensure optimization in the campaign and that we gather enough data to see if we can scale it for the next month, or scrap Adwords as a channel for now” and “I am going to contact 30 authors of blogs relevant to our industry, with a pitch about our product and service with the goal of getting some exposure and links and then evaluating the value of that traffic and how we’ve grown our SEO at the end of the week, then see if this is a worthwhile, repeatable process.”

Marketers that get the job are those that can show they’re able to do the real job with an actionable plan rather than just fiddling their thumbs and quoting a textbook.

Worthy marketers are those that keep up with what’s new in consumer engagement and selling, since old and tried tactics won’t likely work anymore. They also display strong writing skills because content marketing is one of the more popular channels for businesses looking to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry, generate inbound links, and traffic for posts that get widely shared.

How to get a marketing job

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