J&K, AP out of Google maps

According to Google, the Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh states are not a part of India.

Lately when I was going through Google Analytics map, I happen to realize that data from J&K and AP is not available. I wondered whether J&K and AP have been gifted to Pakistan and China respectively after the Google India map controversy. Later I tried maps of Pakistan and China only to see that the states have not been included in their maps too.

Therefore, J&K and AP are now officially kicked out of Google analytics and no analytics data from these states will be available, nobody knows till when.

Should Google not follow the international borders guidelines by the UN?

What is your opinion on this?

Google analytics map Kashmir Arunachal Pradesh

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  • http://rtiactivist.com Editor

    We have already opposed these double standards of google, No individual or company has the right to change our map, there may be controversy on the states but the entire world knows they belong to India, It may be any country which claims Indian Territories to be of its own but the reality wont change by this.

    RTI Activist

  • http://reviewsmyfavourite.blogspot.com Girish Mony

    Google is playing Big boss game. Today I too surprised to find this!!! I tried to click Kashmir and I am unable to open it. There is no reason to kick those out or it should state in their blog why they do so

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  • Pakistan News Portal

    It has every of the essence news so when I take to mean this site that I have been extremely constructive and I assume it very obligatory all group of people.

  • Rohan

    Google should not make their own rules, of countries… Ur a tech company, not a political entity.. Please follow the international borders and not ur own…! i respect u as a great company and that’s going down really fast right about now…!