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Inbound Marketing Workshop


Becoming an Inbound Marketing expert isn’t tough, but it takes time, effort and #killer marketing skills to get through! That’s precisely the reason why only a few experts are out there. Our trainers & industry experts ensure you talk the inbound language by the end of the interactive workshop.

We offer 8 sessions & you’ll have the clarity on what it takes to transform businesses. This usually takes 4 week-ends (a month) followed by an assignment and finally an interview that fetches you an Inbound Marketing certificate.


The Classes


The former sessions will be more focused on ‘Why’ the latter will elaborate on ‘How-to’.

We have intensively researched on the inbound marketing quotient of marketing professors from best of management schools and the gap is clearly visible. Marketing is an art (or science) that has been evolving with time however the mba curriculum hasn’t, at all. It would require an open mind to comprehend and a lot of un-learning has to happen before we begin.

‘How-to’ part of the session would cover the technicalities of the inbound marketing magic! A glimpse of our class looks like this,

The Basics

  • What’s Marketing? No, really!
  • What’s so traditional about the traditional marketing?
  • Unlearning & redefining basic marketing concepts?

Inbound Marketing

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing.
  • A detailed look at the sales funnel.
  • What’s digital about the new marketing?
  • Attracting, Converting, Closing & Retaining, digitally!

inbound marketing sessions

Strategy that works

  • Creating a customer magnet.
  • Social Media Marketing, the relevant dots that connect!
  • Social Customer Relationship Management.
  • Analytics & measurement.
  • Summing it up.

Being an Inbound Marketing Consultant

  • What’s consulting?
  • Wearing a cap of a consultant.
  • Importance of being technology agnostic.

Evaluation & Certification


Workshop details


Duration: The Inbound Marketing workshop usually takes a month (over 4 weekends) considering 5 hour class on Saturdays and Sundays. We don’t intend to disturb your week day course!

Venue: The workshops are conducted in coordination with your B School management and sessions are conducted in your campus. If you want this workshop to be conducted in your B School – contact your management and tell them about us! Or tell us & we will talk to your B School.

Also for those who want to pursue this outside of their college, we recommend you collaborate here with other management grads in your city. As soon as a decent number of aspirants join us, we’ll announce the workshop & do this at a campus around you.


Workshop fee: 

7-10 attendees:      INR 15,000 / head

11-20 attendees:    INR 13,000 / head

21-30 attendees:    INR 11,000 /  head


Do this in my college >>                                                I’d rather collaborate >>


If you’ve reached this far and still wondering what inbound marketing is – here is a video of someone explaining his grandma what it is! An inbound marketing strategy for a business selling ‘car seats for cats!!’ 😀 (Thank you Hubspot for the video)

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