Evolution of Marketing

One of the few things which can find its relevance in almost every field that we can associate with, in the modern age, is Evolution. And even the trait of marketing is not left untouched by it. Marketing goes much back into the history compared to other specialization, just owing to very simple yet very splendid fact that this is one field which is not bound by any hard fast rules; instead it is something which has seen creativity mould it into different shapes period after period.

Going a long time back in the history, Julius Caesar, after he won the war of Prussia, was troubled by the fact that the Prussians hate potatoes, which happened to be his favourite vegetable. When none of his techniques could make them like the vegetable, he got the potato field fortified by the royal armies, with the clear instruction not to prevent anyone from stealing it. Driven by wonder and curiosity, the Prussians started stealing and consuming the same, and slowly it became the most favoured vegetable in Prussia. This incident could be accredited as one of the very early marketing techniques where the value of a brand was made evident for the first time.

We have come a long way from Caesar’s age, and living in an age in which even the most powerful person on the planet has used the power of social media to help him climb the position he is at the moment. Barack Obama is a classic example of how the field of innovations and creativity has managed to creep its way even in the most remote of fields, politics being one of the many.

From the dusk of Mass Marketing to the dawn of Digital Marketing

One thing that has remained common throughout the history is the fact that the field of marketing has always been driven by purpose, rather than method. And that is where the room for innovation is made, as there is no fixed path to reach the destination, which has been encouraging the marketers, throughout the ages, to come up with a new idea every now and then, to reach the destination. This has been one of the most important reasons which has made the field of marketing so dynamic and interesting.

Even in this era of digital marketing, you won’t find any algorithm which is a sure shot method to leverage the power of social media. The procedures can be classified under broad heads, but the final approach is still very much open to fit in any alternative path. Just like there has been a shift from the Mass Marketing to the Digital Marketing, one would find a similar shift even within the domain of either of the fields, if one takes a closer look.

The beauty of Marketing is that there never comes an approach which replaces the earlier one. It simply becomes a part of the tool kit of the marketer, to assist the earlier approach in the fulfilment of the final objective.

We might have moved from 1836, when first paid advertisement was published in a newspaper, to 1941, when first recorded use of television advertisement was registered, to 1970, when E-Commerce was invented, to the present era, when social media has its prominent say in every marketing campaign. But the thing to be remembered is that all these changes are the outcomes of a continuous evolution and the need to find a better path to reach the destination. Digital Marketing is a green field at the moment but it won’t be surprising if it is replaced by an entirely new concept, much sooner than it is expected.

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About the author: Harsh Singh is a social media enthusiast with experience in Blogging, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Analytic and developing digital marketing strategy. You can follow him on twitter, linkedin and catch up on his blog.