Things not to do in 2013

With a new year beginning, a list of things you resolve to do in 2013 would be in your mind; whether they’re personal, professional, or a combo of both.

What should you not do in 2013?

Well, if you are an employee – your focus is usually on adding  value to your team and at the same time grow in your own capabilities personally, professionally and monetory. While you may have commitment towards buying a new house in 2013, a new car, getting married or reaching  that X bucks salary a year; you need to also focus on what not to do.

Don’t do it, if you don’t like it

A software engineer once told me how much he hates his job. And a simple reply to that was, “why don’t you find a better one then?”. “I’ll have to stay for a couple of more years here else it won’t suit my CV. Moreover, recruiters don’t find it decent who shift jobs so early”, says he.

Don’t ruin your life in order to make your CV look good. If you don’t love it, leave it. It will be a little difficult to fulfill your dream of buying a house, a car or accomplish any of those goals staying in a job you don’t love.

Don’t sit, talk about your aspirationsResolutions 2013

Is your manager/boss aware of your career aspirations? If not, don’t delay & stop keeping your aspirations to yourself; don’t broadcast them as well. It’s time you talk to your boss about what you want to achieve while you are in this organization and role.

Don’t let the days pass by, focus on your strengths

If you are glad each time clock hits 6 pm, you were just waiting for the day to end. This way you are not only a wrong-fit to your employer but also wasting your talent. Respect the salary and respect yourself; find a right-fit to your talent and ask your organization HR executive to put you in a role where you exercise your talent.

Don’t take business matters personally

Decisions made by boss or  board of the company may not always be in sync with yours. Clients shouting at you or your team does not intend to hurt you personally. Comments made by peers may not mean to bully you.

Don’t eat that pizza

Health comes first; important than all points mentioned above. Rather solely looking at all those healthy food you are going to eat from this year, focus on what you are going to avoid.


If you are an employer / entrepreneur – your focus is mostly on creating value and growing; growing at a faster pace than last year, make higher profits, add more customers & employees and to their satisfaction. You too need to focus on how businesses & markets have been changing.

Don’t assume customers will buy, this year too!

There are better businesses popping up each season. While you are getting bigger each year, small businesses are taking away your customers – simply because they are flexible, have less processes in place to follow, and can offer better customer service.

Just as humans, with age – businesses are closer to death. Avoid this by staying decentralized and young.

Don’t focus too much on one thing!

That one thing can be Marketing, Human Resource or improving your product or service. Devote your time better-ing everything. Focusing on one aspect shall make your competition win your market share.

New Year Resolution for BusinessDon’t delay in getting a mobile website

Consumers are changing and hence their behavior. They surf, explore and buy on mobile. You don’t want them to leave your website because you are not mobile friendly. Its 2013, and smart phones with hi internet speed are out there from 10 years or more!

Don’t just ‘be’ on Social Media

Start small with one or two sites that make sense for you, see how they work and then decide if you want to do more with social media. LinkedIn and Twitter are really great for business-to-business companies, and Pinterest and Facebook can work really well if you’re marketing to consumers and you’ve got great imagery to show. Be strategic about your time and efforts.

Distribute your Marketing budgets aptly

Don’t stay invested too much in traditional marketing channels. It has been years that blogs like these are talking about Digital Media; least you can do from this year is start experimenting and compare results.

What else should we not do in 2013? Make your case in comments below.

Satyam is a Consultant with Infosys Ltd. and editor / founder of When he is not talking about Digital Marketing or dreaming of CRM strategies, he can be found on a treadmill. He enjoys travelling, reading and listening to music! Catch up with him on twitter at @xatyam