Web Procrastination

In psychology, Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. Procrastination, in large part reflects our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, or the next day. 

Web Procrastination

Web being so easily available provide you all the information just by typing few keywords and getting thousands of pages as result in few seconds. But everything comes up with its own pros and cons. With web comes – web procrastination.

web procrastination
web procrastination

Web has played an important role in bringing procrastination in our lives. By placing the ads or the videos at conveniently located areas that is highly likely to devoid anybody’s attention and waste a lot of time that they could have spent in closing high priority tasks. Internet has come up with so many ways to not allow you complete the task that you started with but end surfing videos of cute kittens, or funny dogs or buying some stuff that you might not even need.

I had a discussion with my friend over coffee about how web is involved in creeping procrastination in our lives. I thought I should pen it down, so I opened my laptop and wanted to do a quick search for some other references. As I was scrolling down some of the blogs, I saw this ad in the side track showing tables with Laptop cooling fans. Just then, I realized that my Laptop was also releasing excessive heat; I should check this one out. And Bang – here I am spending more than an hour surfing different sites to check all the possible options available for the Laptop Tables and looking for coupons that might help me get discount. My quest finally got over when I successfully placed the order after availing 20% discount on it. For those 60 min I was so engrossed in searching something that could have waited for later, I almost forgot about the article from where I started. After realizing what I have done, I smiled to myself and thought there could not be a better example of web procrastination than this. And how can we forget facebook and twitter stopping us from our work!


We waste a lot of time online, whether we mean it or not. Every day we spend time reading too many blogs, stalking Facebook Profiles, refreshing a page even if there are no new feeds, being brainwashed by celebrity gossips or scrolling through tweets, just imagine how much time you can spare to do actual work if you could prevent yourself from online procrastination. 

Google Ad sense is another culprit, and according to me the biggest promoter of Procrastination. It allows website owners and bloggers earn money by placing advertisements, to maximize their revenue they place these ads at the location that is likely to grab your attention. Some of the sites allow the ads to scroll down as you scroll down on the page, leaving no chance to deviate the readers’ attention. Google also helps the bloggers in increasing the revenue that they receive on per click basis; it caches the pages and sites that the viewer has surfed lately and pops up the same in these ads blocks with attractive discounts on them. Person reading an article on a blog might not even reach the last line of the article but end up surfing discounted tees. I have also found that the most popular sites are the ones that assists procrastination the best.

Internet Procrastination revolves around S-3. I hope you have not started fantasizing Samsung Galaxy S3 and have already opened a tab to check it prices online. By S-3 I mean, Surf, Shop and Spend. S-3 has a high possibility to distract you from you actual work and make you focus on things that are not a priority right now.

Web Procrastination
Web Procrastination

Tools to stop web procrastination

But you don’t need worry anymore, Every Problem comes with a solution and so does this one. Developers have come with a number of Tools to save your time spent procrastinating online.

8 top tools to help beat web procrastination and How to stop procrastinating online are awesome posts that might help you save your ass from beating around the bush. These articles give a collection of such tools that help you save your time and prevent you from getting deviated from more important tasks in your life.

To conclude, if you have reached the end of the article and yet not traveled to any of the side track stuff popping up, than congratulations, you have successfully completed first step in preventing yourself from Web Procrastination. Explore the tools and save yourself from this Web of Procrastination further.

Deepika Gulati is a System Engineer at Infosys Ltd. She is a budding blogger who loves to put her thoughts in words.