How genuine are Pagalguy B School rankings

Pagalguy B School rankings are referred to from quite some time now. In fact, its the most referred-to rankings – considered as one of the most genuine one. However, I was wondering how accurate it is and moreover, shall students base their choose-or-drop decisions on this ranking? After going through the methodology mentioned on their website, I wonder how genuine is Pagalguy B School rankings!

The underlying belief – “Perception captures everything”

Pagalguy team is working hard to get this done however they mention this on their website, “The underlying belief – “Perception captures everything” which essentially means the ranking is based on what a respondent thinks and not on facts.

Perception best vs Actual Best

Consider this – Lets say there is a task to rank all bollywood actors. ‘Acting’ is very subjective and hence ‘voting’ for such activity is one good way to come up with unbiased results. A good actor may also be defined by his fan following; more votes justifies his job well done. On the other hand, Salman Khan may not be a good actor (acting wise), but it can’t ever be quantified! And since voting is based on perception, its cool to have it that way.

Can we base our B School rankings on such methodology & on such premise; where facts hold more importance than perceptions. Here, a B School’s quality and performance can be very much quantified on a (any) scale.

Pagalguy B School Rankings

Considering an example, here is a comparison question between MDI and IIFT. (Exactly the way does it)

  • If the respondent is from MDI (student or alumni) – the answer will be biased, naturally.
  • If the respondent is from IIFT –  the answer will be biased.
  • If respondent is from none – he anyways doesn’t have idea about either of these. He hasn’t studied in either IIFT or MDI; really makes no point in considering this response as valid.

So if someone is believing the survey results, he/she should be aware that its what people ‘perceive’ about a B School; in-actual a college can be better or worse. This holds true for top 10 colleges too; may be there is little deviation in top 10 – IIM B, FMS may have better quality education than IIM A. Also true, that IIM A would be somewhere around there among the top.

However, if you are considering comparison between colleges ranked 22, 27 and 30 (just an example) – have a rational thought around it.

Who are the respondents?

It gets even worse, when it is quite obvious and well known ‘who are the respondents of such surveys’. When students and alumni of B Schools are the one who vote, what are the chances that they will choose some other college over their’s?

I understand that duplicate/multiple entries and bogus votes can be easily identified considering the technology involved; in spite of that, the validity and reliability of survey is under serious question.

Just as the Best Actor example, Salman Khan may get the best actor award through maximum votes; while actual best can be someone else. Its pretty clear here, the best B School through ‘Popular Demand’ may not be the best; which puts each ranked position in question.

Is the ranking more about what people ‘think’ or should it be ranked based on predefined parameters? Imagine, school teacher (teachers) deciding your class ranks based on their ‘perception’!!! Make your case in the comment section.

Since students consider’s ranking as one of the most genuine; one may arrive at a decision on peoples’ perception, which isn’t the right way of making one. If this article reaches Pagalguy team, I would request them to consider giving it another thought. There may not be a perfect way to do this task, however there can a better process than this one!

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